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Five reasons to drink an AMERICANO All-Time cup right now

Do you really need five reasons to drink delicious AMERICANO coffee?

Do you really need five reasons to drink delicious AMERICANO coffee? Of course, it invigorates you, but that’s not the only reason to drink it.

  • Brewing AMERICANO takes just a minute or two to boil a kettle of water. And, it’s the only freeze-dried instant coffee that tastes just like fresh-brewed!
  • One cup of AMERICANO coffee, served black, has 0 calories. Sip and savor it - that’s 10 minutes of calorie-free pleasure. (And coffee reduces your appetite!)
  • One cup of AMERICANO coffee contains 300 antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body. 
  • Coffee brightens your mood from the first sip! The scent of coffee acts like a switch in the brain, and the drink works the same way. It helps disconnect you from stress and focus on the present. 
  • Whip it up - make your favorite coffeehouse drinks using AMERICANO as the base. Add milk and whip it into foam and voila, cappuccino. Add more milk and foam and YUM - latte! How about traveling to exotic places with each sip? Add warm cream, sweet syrup, whip a bit, and sip - ah, homemade raf! It’s like sipping warm coffee infused with vanilla ice cream.

So fill the kettle and put it on to boil. Call your colleagues. One box of AMERICANO contains 30 packets - there’s enough for everyone. 

Order here: https://us.aplgo.com/en/all-time/

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